National Poetry Day – Thursday 4th October


September 30, 2012 by helenglasspoole

As you may know, it’s National Poetry Day this week. The theme is STARS. Maybe your thoughts drift heavenward…or perhaps to sporting stars, musical stars or stars of the stage and screen. When I heard the theme, I remembered when I was bivvying out under the most amazing night sky of the southern hemisphere far away from any man-made light. I was in the middle of the Northern Territory, Australia, and was fighting to keep my eyes open to marvel at the best night sky I have ever seen.

The link to the website is where I learned that Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was first published as a poem by Jane Taylor in Rhymes for the Nursery in London in 1806. The website has tabs for a collection of poems, resources and an ‘education’ section including ideas that you could run in your class or school this time next year.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a discussion about the role that poetry plays in our lives – often in time of sadness when we can’t express our feelings. One of the speakers was urging us to read and enjoy poetry at all times – to celebrate the good things and when we are feeling positive.

Have you got a favourite poem (it doesn’t have to be about stars) – maybe about school or memories of childhood? Maybe you have written or could write one of your own….Did you have to learn a poem by rote when you were at school? Do you think this should be in the new primary curriculum? Please add a comment here so that we can see your thoughts, recommendations and ideas for poems – by Thursday if possible…and wherever you are on Thursday, do try to get some poetry into your day!

‘A collapsing cloud of space gas under pressure makes a star. Language under pressure makes a poem.’ from the national poetry day website


2 thoughts on “National Poetry Day – Thursday 4th October

  1. Andrea Wooldridge says:

    I really like this poem (and not just because I ate doughnuts today!) to the tune of SING A SONG OF SIXPENCE by Dave Ward-

    Sling a jammy doughnut
    Up into the sky,
    Splat into a jumbo jet
    Learning how to fly;
    When the cockpit opens
    And the pilot checks his wings,
    He says, “Don’t throw the squashy ones,
    I only like the rings!”

  2. Ann Disney says:

    I have set up a graffiti board outside FG/02. Please add a poem if you would like to or just read what is there.

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