All fine and dandy?


December 4, 2012 by helenglasspoole

dandy first       

Today is the last day that the Dandy is available to buy in print (although will be available electronically). Having not bought it for over 20 years, I had to buy a copy today because as from tomorrow, I will no longer have the opportunity to. In addition to our pocket money each week, my sister and I were allowed a comic. She always had the Beano and I had the Dandy. It was a non-glossy comic with no plastic freebie toys although there was the opportunity to join Desperate Dan’s Cow-Pie Club. Which I did. The weekly ritual included choosing some ½ penny (yes they did exist!) sweets – now rather disturbingly called ‘retro’ on some websites selling such goods…

And as I picked up the ‘last ever issue’ this morning which includes a copy of the first ever Dandy printed, I wondered what childhood memories others have. Any nostalgia for things long gone or items no longer available to buy? Any memories of things that made up part of your childhood?


One thought on “All fine and dandy?

  1. Andrea Wooldridge says:

    My little brother and I used to have the Beano and the Dandy and loved the comic strips; so much so my brother’s room had Dennis the Menace and Gnasher wallpaper in his bedroom!!!

    When I was 5 there used to be a greengrocer’s van that called round selling a small selection of sweets. It felt like the best treat in the world to choose our weekly sweets with our own pocket money.

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